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OK. So here is my problem and I do apologize if this is long, but trying to be as detailed as possible to explain the problem. Had the bike now for over a year as my daily driver and had no problems or issues at all. Always started flawlessly cold or hot weather, rain or shine or cold or warm starts. Always fired on the first crank. Went to work a few weeks ago without any issues and nighttime temperature dropped to 39 outside and humid as hell. Live in South Florida and this never caused a problem in the past. After I got off work, key in bike, turned the ignition to on and nothing happened. No fuel pump prime, no headlights or any kind of lights, no horn, no dash and no startup sequence from the dash. First thought was battery died because of the extreme cold outside since it sat outside for 12 hours. Checked voltage at the battery terminals and all was good. 12.7 V. Measured again with switch on and same reading. Next thought blown fuse. Checked all fuses in the box and all were good. Replaced them anyway to ensure they were new and still nothing. Checked main 30A fuse at starter relay and was good as well. Attempted to bump start and didn't work either. Measure voltage across the fuses with ignition on and I do get 12.7V at the fuses for the fuel pump and fan. 0V at ignition, signal, headlight high and headlight low fuses. If I jump the starter relay to make contact for the starter, the starter does engage.

This is where I'm at a loss and currently stuck. Over the past week I have tried several things. Pulled front fairings off, tank is propped up and airbox has been removed. I have not found any connectors that are visibly damaged, corroded, burned or melted. I have tried wiggling around much of what I can reach while the ignition is turned on and no reactions either. I have attempted to disconnect the ignition switch from the main harness but have done nothing but chew up the outside of it and more afraid that I'm going to pull the wires from the harness since there isn't much to grab on to with the release tab pressed in.

Other tests or checks I have done and results were I removed the battery completely and checked resistance with mm across the power wire and ground and instead of open circuit like I expected I received a reading of 0. I thought of felt that meant I have a short somewhere so I began to try to find an issue. I went to fuse box and checked continuity with all the fuses still intact and received open for with fuel and fan fuses and zero ohms when I checked at ignition, signal, hi and low beam. If I pull out the fuses one by one, I only get 0 across the low beam fuse. The other oddity is if I pull the starter lead wire off of the starter relay and check continuity there, I get 0 ohms as well when testing the lead wire to frame.
Again, sorry this was so long but I wanted to be detailed. I have looked over so many other posts and haven't found any help. Hope someone has some insight.
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