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Hi all, looking for advice from any UK gixxer riders or anyone familiar with HID lights.

I've bought a kit to convert low beam light to HID (quite pricey, not the cheap China crap) but this would be going into the stock housing.

I read up this would fail going in for an MOT as the light displacement would be all over the place. Is there a link to a HID housing I could buy and fit myself or any garages around the North West who could do the conversion. I plan to fit the HID myself but I'm just unsure on where to source a HID suitable housing.

If it turns out to be too much trouble I may just return the kit and pay out for the best Halogen bulbs money can buy which I've heard give off a more crisp white light compared to cheaper yellow looking ones.



K8 750 btw :)

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I changed the low beam on my K6 1000 to some cheap Chinese crap in May 2009 and it's still working fine. I forget but it was like $40. SPL170db put me onto the seller but after this much time he's probably changed. Don't remember if I got the seller name via PM or his posts but you could try searching. The beam pattern is wider and that may upset the MOT guys. I have posts here about the conversion details as, contrary to what sellers may claim, it's not plug and play if you want to maintain the OEM standard of construction.

A more ambitious project is to change one or both beams to projectors. That ought to satisfy the MOT but it's a bunch of work. This is one of a couple such threads.

P.S. I gather that your high beam is two HB3/9005. The HB3 can be replaced with a 9011 for a significant increase in light. Some minor modification of the base is required but it's minimal. Search for info and pics about the mod. The Toshiba HIRs with their distinctive shape are gone but can occasionally be found on ebay. But make sure that the bulb meets the HIR1 spec as some don't. See this. Shouldn't have any effect on beam pattern. Interestingly the original HIR bulbs made by GE are for sale on ebay but bulb length may be a problem.

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I am not British, but I know the science behind the rules. Basically, your MOT simply made ALL HID conversions illegal. Submit the machine for inspection, then throw in the HID system. Accept all tickets afterward.

If the ticketing officer takes a picture or makes a notebook note saying that your headlights looked white or blue, you're fucked.
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