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Hi all, just registered here & have a few questions so i hope some 1 can help me out.

1st of all i've got 2 gixxers 750Y 1 for racing around & the other is a street-fighter, my question is i installed a yoshi full system on & it worked fine with 1 of the bikes,but when i installed it on the other my radiator started leaking so, checked it & found out that the header # 3 melted part of the radiator even though i did install the 2 washers that came with the system, so i was wondering if it is possible to cover the headers with a exhaust cover so it doesnt melt my other radiator?

2nd i skidded over a man-hole cover while taking a 85 degree angle corner, so ended up sliding 2wards a pavement which resulted in bending my frame from the upper forks, nothing major happened 2 the bike except the frame bending backwards a few milli's from the top, so my question is shell i fix the frame or just change the whole thing?
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