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Anyone out there from Nebraska???
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hey i c that your in the AF so am i we just might have to go riding sometime
gixxer1331 it is just abot that time to break'em out.Did u happen to see that wreck on36th were that kid lost his arm
Gixxer 1331 this is just a wild guess but whould u have hppen to been outside the base today around 1:30 this afternoon.I see you got a b/w 1000 I ran into a guy sitting at the red light were all those gravel trucks turn in at.
Na i don;t live in housing i live on 72nd & Grover right behind were powersports pro used to be.Man i met a lot of riders thie weekend me and u should hook up this coming weekend.I've found that i learn a little bit of something when riding with others.I think it was sat i met 15 guys in the old market and by sunday i had 5 nwe riding buddies.
1 - 4 of 71 Posts
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