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Near Bellingham

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Hey all. New to the biker community and I am looking for people to ride with. Coffee? Cafe'? F it. I need some friends.
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go hit the loop own around the tulip fields, some good straights and some good corners too..
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chuckanut drive to fort casey to neah bay ... good day ride
Hey Mike!
I’m just south of you in Ravensdale.
Commute daily through Issaquah via Tiger Mtn, May Valley, squeaking thru Squawk and Cougar, running up west Sammamish, etc.
When the weather gives us a dry day we oughta meet.

ah.. you're up where her you can hit high bridge road and all that real easy, the paradise lake road flat top... good times.. cross the valley head up to snoqualmie falls and take that first sharp left aft3er you go under the walking bridge, darts uphill, there is a track up there you can go round and round, a good one too, we'll do all that then end up on the ..plateau, haven't been there in 10 years but I remember Issaquah was getting so over developed back then, no jokes.. some good times riding ...
Chuckanut is a fun ride!
I didn’t do it this year, but I did enjoy burning up and back to Anacortes, via ferry and Island and freeway a couple times.
Need a little extra encouragement to go that far north for just a day.
Maybe you’re that encouragement?
I do love it up there. Got to call Sodden Valley home for a while. 😁

aw man hwy 112 out to Makaah is a hoot... last time I was there they have it paved all the way back to the westernmost point in the lower 48.. great ride, hit it when they have Kakah days celebration, late aug. salmon right off the fire.. oh boy
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Hi TwistedMister!
are you talking up Tokul Road to find a track?
I know there’s a gravel pit up there… not sure where the track is. Can you give a little more detail? Thanks!

yup, head up to weyerhaeuser mainline road to fox den drive... if you look on the map its a track, it loops, and it's real fun, not a lot of cars.. has some very technical stuff so maybe do a sighting run first, its a like a 3 mile loop circles that ridge, fun as hale, I don't remember that roundabout there either? a lots changed havent been since say 2009 or so but we would hit it on the weekdays mid day whatever, have it all to ourselves, round and round, maybe pass one car each lap... fun stuff, knock the sides of the tires off...
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