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So...Gov. Murphy in all his moronic glory, passes a mag ban outlawing any mag that holds more than 10 rds. (for some reason .22 is exempt)
We all knew it was coming, and unfortunately there was NO grandfather clause, so in one single signature he made felons out of thousands of legal N.J. gun owners. I have (34) AR 15 rd mags & (21) AK 15 rd mags & there was no way I was going to surrender them, so off to the safe they went.:thumbup

The problem was that the law included exemptions for LEO's on duty, but it did not allow them to carry the 10+ mags while off duty.
So basically LEO's couldn't take their guns home loaded unless they were wheel guns, or they had 10 rd mags.
Gov. Murphy rectified that recently, but only for LEO's duty carry weapon.

In some bizarre twist of reality, the new exception allows LEO's to carry higher capacity mags in there back-up weapons, but no more than 17 rds.
I have no idea who thought that 17 rds limits on LEO's back-up weapon will some how keep anyone safer...:wacko:wacko:wacko
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