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mullerjd said:
Doing great. All the Gixxers are gone so I spend all my time over at SVR. I just browse here every now and then.

I started at SVR but kinda got stuck here, even before I bought the Gix - I come by SVR once in a while but mainly for specific searches :)

However, I won't be coming by any of these places often the next 6-7 months since I'm off to Iraq in 2½ weeks :scratch

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av_fan said:
This one didn't last long! :lol

dear god, how did you wreck your sv?! i just browsed through your gallery and saw that beautiful bike in ruins, dated a while ago.. guess i missed the thread upon your accident, anyways hope you've fully recovered by now, seeing that sv like that hurts and it aint even mine...

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Oh so this thread has been bumped up. OK. An update then.
That SV of mine in the picture up there is of course long gone since it got hauled away on a flat bed. It planted a seed of desire. Found one a few months ago for a track bike. Happened to be another 06.
Started like this.

Here's some progress pictures taking the front end and other parts off of the GSXR to swap onto it.

More SV progress.

The first front end swap. Ended up doing it 2 more times with different components until I was happy.

More GSXR parts.

Lower triple clamp from 2006 GSXR 600.
Upper triple clamp from 2006 GSXR 1000.
Forks and axle from 2009 GSXR 600.
Front wheel from 2005 GSXR 750.
Armourbodies Front fender from 2005 GSXR 750 .
Galfer wave rotors from 2005 GSXR 750.
Galfer Superbike brake lines from 2005 GSXR 750.
Calipers with Galfer carbon pads from 2005 GSXR 750.
Woodcraft 3-piece clip-ons.
Brembo 19X18 master cylinder.
R6 throttle tube.
Ohlins steering damper for GSXR stock mount.
Pazzo clutch lever and clutch perch from 2005 GSXR 750.
Keyless ignition.
GI Pro gear indicator with ATRE.
BRG Fairing stay bracket.
BRG tank risers.
Ohlins shock from 2005 GSXR 750.
Gilles Tooling rearsets from 2005 GSXR 750.
Antigravity 4-cell hard case battery.
Danmoto Carbon Fiber exhaust.
K&N air filter.
Driven Racing 520 sprockets.
RK 520 GXW Gold chain.

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holy cow that looks fun. i am considering an SV650 as a 2nd bike. i bumped this to mess with SVS :lmao

im glad an old poster added updates to it though! i feel like people under estimate the power of the SV650.

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Very cool bike. I have so many dreams about owning different Suzuki bikes. This type is definitely one to have.


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everyone should have a 650 at least once. Such an awesome bike!
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These bikes look badass naked. There's a cheap 03 sv1000 near me, and a friend who is interested in it. It only needs a new stator, but its pretty cheap. Will the sv1000 make a good starter bike? or should he stick to a sv650?
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