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My supercharged K8 project...

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The bike pictured above is my bone stock K8. A friend gave me a fantastic deal on this bike last year, and it has just under 2000 miles on the clock. I love this bike for the same reasons everyone does -- incredibly smooth, extremely capable and controllable, great power, and fantastic ergonomics for a supersport machine. The local Dynojet 250i says it puts down 152whp (SAE corrected), which is actually more power than a full-exhaust, PCIII-tuned '04 ZX-10R produced on the same dyno.

Now, normally the next step would be to add an exhaust, change the gearing around, or add some braided lines, and while I'll eventually get to those mods, I have something different in mind right now...

It's a Rotrex C15-60 supercharger, right off the plane from Denmark. This little unit can support over 230whp, and that's the number I'll be shooting for with my little project here. Also, the impeller wheel used to be cast, but these new wheels are apparently machined out of billet.

Before you ask, yes, I am a power junkie. There's just no going back once you've ridden a boosted literbike...

You can see how small it actually is compared to the bike. Somehow, some way, it will fit in there...

After staring at this sight for a couple of days, I realized the only place to put this thing is in-between the engine and the radiator, just below the frame. I'd love to stick it up higher, but the frame would get in the way of the belt (which is a dealbreaker) and the radiator fan would also have to be relocated. Placing it lower eliminates these problems, but makes it much harder to hide the drive behind the fairings and also places the inlet of the Rotrex very close to the header. I also do not want cornering clearance to be compromised at all, so it will be in as far (and up as high) as possible.

If anyone is wondering how I plan on driving this thing, take a look at the picture above. The M10 bolt currently fastened into the end of the crank will be removed and a machined adapter will take its place (this adapter has to locate perfectly off the crankshaft for this to work). A pulley will sit on top of this adapter and then drive the supercharger via an 8mm synchronous belt. The supercharger bracket will either take the place of the stock cast cover or locate off of it -- I'm not exactly sure yet which way to go.

There's a lot of work left to be done, but I'm looking forward to it. I plan on tuning the ECU directly and, of course, it will run on pump gas. In the meantime, wish me luck, and stay tuned...
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Is it only me? I look at the first photo and all I can think is "watch me pull a rabbit out of my CNC machine".

Nice work toro.
good work keep it coming
got my attention. Looks great so far.
how much to put on on mine i like this more power
Nice, great work for sure. Looks like its coming out well.
Thanks for the compliments, guys. I've got a lot more coming, too (wait until you see my little exhaust project).

Anyway, some more updates. I rocked out the PAIR block-off plates:

So much cleaner. These were the easiest parts to create yet, just needed a fixture, blank prep, and final cutout stage. I plan on having these anodized as well.

Next up is the throttle body runner plate...
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Got any pics of how u mounted the pulley onto the crank?
Here we go again...

In order to maximize the efficiency of the intake, a custom throttle body adapter plate will be made to exactly match the runner geometry. I start with a blank, then cut it to length and face both sides so it ends up at the final thickness:

After lots of chips and with the help of some special endmills, we end up with tapered runners and fully radiused inlets:

Back when I made the Kawi parts, I designed the TB adapter fixture to accept any adapter plates I could possibly come up with, regardless of bore size & spacing. Thus, after clamping the fixture and mounting the part, I'm able to machine the bottom side. BTW, I actually had a custom endmill made to put the little ring around the runners (which gives the silicone connectors something to bite onto).

I'd say it's a pretty good match. The bores are much bigger than the 10R.

One more part done. I'm quickly running out of stuff to machine...

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Well toro if your running out of stuff to do you can feel free to make some of that insainlly amazing machine work for me lol. I would love to have some stuff made!
I MUST OWN A CNC MACHINE.... these parts are making me tingle
I want one one much longer ?
YEAH, WHAT HE SAID!!!!:thumbup
Patience gents, some big updates are coming any day now...

Patience gents, some big updates are coming any day now...

:cheers Very nice work

let me know if you will make the plenum base seperate, and can modify the design for different throttle spacings and velocity stack length
Patience gents, some big updates are coming any day now...

Ive been,,,,I've been waiting 7 months and now that 2012 1000 isnt worth buying ,its either a bmw 1000rr or supercharge my 07....:Martin

Please hurry
what a beast! hanging out to see what this is like when its finished... time to check out how much one of those CNC machines will set me back. awesome
Ya it really is a work of art ! cant wait to see pics. I want to change my Frankenbeast over to this setup !
Patience gents, some big updates are coming any day now...


Can't wait for the updates you do some amazing work!!! :cheers
I second that ! I got a set of his pulleys, very nice. The clearance for his Output shaft is amazing. I am just waiting on a Bracket. He is a great guy, and stuff was shipped to me extremely fast up to Canada. He has given me lots of advice, and i can't say enough good things about his Company. Honestly if i could have done it again.... I would never build my own kit. Just buy his, its that much better than my system. and didn't take two years and double the money ! Buy it and ride it. dont spend the whole time trying to design your own.
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