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Currently I have a Marlin 981t tube fed .22 bolt action.
Im replacing it with a Marlin 925 magazine fed bolt action(due to ease of magazines

List of mods planned:

rimfire basix trigger. Adjustable from 1-2.5lbs pull as well as sear engagement. Already have this in my 981 and it is :drool

Richards Microfit tacdriver stock. Made for a marlin 917 but getting it custom fitted to my gun since none are made for it. I am also thinking about getting it pillar bedded but im holding off until i can find out more information on it. Any help in that area is appreciated.

BSA 6-14x40 mildot

bases: Rimfire technologies base

I will be shooting this in NRA light rifle as well as Rifle Silhouette. 25, 40, 60, and 100 yards(standing) i believe are the ranges for silhouette and 50 yards for nra light right(shots 20 standing, 10 prone, and 10 kneeling).

As of right now i have everything but the rifle itself and the scope base. Going to check out walmart and try to find one as cheap as i can unless my brother gives in and just sells me his.

Scope wise i picked up the illuminated recticle model but id like to get the nonilluminated to save a couple oz of weight and I dont think i can even see it lit up. Thoughts or opinions?

I have no plans to get a custom barrel or bull barrel made for it. I just dont see the point.

The rifle is drilled and tapped and also grooved for scope bases but im unsure what mount I want to use right now. The NRA light rifle match is next weekend and im going to talk to the local match winner what his thoughts are on it.
Ill be posting pics as i make progress with it :)

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Looking forward to seeing it done Chris...

and for some inspiration, here's my 10/22 (elite 22)
Fluted, compensated bull-barrel
Elite 22 billet reciever
3 lb trigger, overtravel setscrew
custom bolt (heavier springs, firing pin pinned to reduce play=less misfires, jeweled and buffed, tail end shaved)
BSA 3-9x40
Other little goodies (extended mag release, bipod, etc)


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