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Well not really..

But after the following..What a difference!!

-Cleaned the K&N pods..They were nasty

-Cleaned the crankcase breather hose filter
-New plugs
-Oil change..Full syn.oil..Whatta difference.
-Sync'd the carbs..Biggest difference!!!

My bike used to stumble betwee 3-4k rpm. Now it's smooth straight thru..It's got that "pulling you along" feel as you run thru mid-range...And the new & adjusted throttle cable really helps!!

Rode into work today...about 50 miles..I didn't want to stop..

But now it's time for the ride home..Whatta difference the littlest things do..

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If you've got more time on your hands (and a garage on a rainy-day) go ahead and dis-assemble the clutch and brake levers, clean all the bug-carcasses and other accumulated gack out of the slots they ride in, and lube `em up with some grease... makes a big diff in "feel" there too. Also, too many riders neglect adjustment and lubrication of steering-head bearings, and swingarm linkages.

Not like it's worth spending a sunny, warm day wrenching, but it's definitely worth your time when you *have* time.

The little things really *can* make a *huge* difference in how much fun it is to ride `em.
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