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My K5 Power Commander III USB is on the way!

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Dyno Jet told me yesterday that they sent 200 (05 1K) Power Commanders to Parts Unlimited for distribution. I called Parts Unlimited and they gave me a phone number for (1-800-241-2222). I called them and they were in stock. They processed my order today and I should have it within 7 days. I installed an M4 exhaust already, have my BMC race filter, doing a 520 conversion tomorrow, and will have the bike custom mapped as soon as the PC III USB gets here.
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I ordered the filter on I paid 90 euro (about $119) which included shipping. It was shipped from Italy to TN.
Glad to see they're finally rolling in everywhere. Mine came in a couple days ago. They look a bit more in-depth to install campared to the older models.

Still waiting on the Yosh tho'
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