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After not having a street motorcycle for a few years, in 1995 I bought a used- excellent/clean/mint condition '83 GS1100ES.

It was an awesome bike, I bought it in FL, and my wife and I often took long backroad rides in the country there on it.
I moved back to TX, and rode it there too. It was never crashed.

Mine also came to me with a really nice, color matched Corbin saddle to get rid of the ugly black/stock one too!

My only time I've ever ran a true 1/4 was on that bike.
It was completely stock, with stock dual 2 into 1 dual pipes.
I made sure I had the right gear, passed a simple inspection, and ran 3 passes at the TX track.
Before my first pass, I rolled up on another GS1100- full drag only bike and talked with the owner/rider and got some pointers- like pop the clutch on the last yellow light for a good reaction time.

I didn't save my run sheets- but I remember each pass was in the high 11's, at 116mph for the 1/4 mile.
I had a lot of fun that night on my completely stock GS1100ES that was at least 15yrs old by then.
I sold it around yr 2000- it ran well, but needed a new battery, and fork seals- still looked and ran great.

I loved the color scheme, and my former '97 GSXR750 was a similar color scheme.
My current K5 R1000 is similar also- I wish it had more of the light blue instead of that darker blue it has- but oh well.

Here's an excellent article with comparisons in it on the '83 GS1100ES

Suzuki GSX1100ES

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Yeah man many of here are fans of the old GS models. I'd love to have one now fully restored. On a side note, that's a pretty cool website with lots of info and specs on the old bikes. I sent the link over to my dad and now I can't get him off the phone! :lol

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I love my '82 1100E,I've had it since '94 bought as a basket case with 2 bad roller bearings on the crank. Cost more to fix the crank then I paid for the bike lol.


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