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My Current Project

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He guys, here is my current roject I am working on. It's an 01 GSXR1000. Bike was totaled before I got it and am in the prcess of turning into a streetfighter.

I put some bar raisers on last night but am still waiting on my mx style bars but fabricated some straight bars for it....which actually look awsome and aren't bad for riding.

It might not be the best streetfighter in the world but it's my first. I will post more when it's done. Also have a rapotr headlight unit coming in aswell. Should be nice when done.

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Tnx skidmark! It looks awsome and sounds even better with the XtremeGp undertail exhaust that's on it.
Keep us posted with pics.....I see K3/K4 forks on it...I see changed radiator....I see engine covers.....I see lotsa potential
i say modify your subframe and stick an RGV tail unit on it, keep the undertail exhaust. make sure that the tail is jacked up slightly, it would look sweet especially with the raptor headlight you have for it.
Thanks guys!..... I did put the K3/K4 forks on and custom made some brackets to fit the K1 calipers, also rad was changed and covers were changed too....good eye jones....

I was looking at getting another tail unit for my bike but think I am going to wait....I had a few calls on the bike to sell it and might sell it and start a new project again......espically since I was offered $6750 CDN for it and I only have $3500 into it. If it doesn't sell a new tail unit will be coming in. I am hoping to have more new pics sometime this week and will keep everyone posted.
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Just wanted to keep this thing up to is almost done for now. I am looking into the RGV Tail unit for it though redrider.

Just ignore the messy garage.
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Nice. Looks good. This also reminds me of my buddies srad.

His front fairing is too high up though.

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Yeah I remember seeing that pic before. His headlight is to high on it but it does give it a unique look. I just have to clean up some wiring and fabricate my speedo bracket and take it our for some test runs.
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