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Originally posted by Simon Orttan:
What the FFFF! Taxes? It's a Gift!!! You didn't pay me for so why are they taxing it?

I'm sorry...I put <$100 as a reflex to when I ship UPS. dammit

Have them freakin call me! hosers.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">you forgot to check the "gift" box

it fits well though, and since I going with a non-stock rear end the license plate will be tucked in under very nicely

thanks again man!

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Hey Mr. Gixx, take the form stuck to the package and fill out the part as to why you were overcharged. Mention that it was a gift and your bud only put the value on in case UPS lost it. You might have to wait a few weeks, but you should get a little cheque in the mail from RevCan. I get a few each year.

Also, try to talk everyone into sending the shit from US to CDN via US Post. It costs more than UPS, BUT, UPS only gets it to the border. If sent USPS, it gets xferred to Canada Post, who only charge $5 CDN for brokerage. Much better deal. Always put as little as possible on the front if not a gift, or mark commercial sample and b.s. it. Hey, how would I know all this shit, huh ??
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