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Moving to UT

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I'm thinking about putting in a transfer request to SLC and just have a few questions.

First I have an 02 altima (3.5L fwd) and an 06 sentra (1.8L fwd) will they make it through the winters there? I am born and raised in TX and have no idea about snow. Seen it a couple of times.

How long is the riding season? You can pretty much ride year round in TX. I would hope to get at least 8 months in.

Lastly whats the Cost of living/ pay like? I'm not sure what i'd make there but here I get 16.85/hr. I know the house prices are insane from the ones I've seen online... a 100k house here is like 150k+ in UT. What are your payments like?

Thanks for any info you can give. And feel free to throw in any other useful info about living in UT.:cheers:cheers
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I work for a grocery warehouse (I'll withhold the company name... but you know which one lol) I'm not too sure about where I'll end up. We have one warehouse in corinne and another in grantsville. I'll be living in SLC for the first few months though because I have family I'll be staying with.

I'm glad my cars can make it there but I'll still end up buying an SUV for the wife more than likely.

Thanks for the info. PM on the way:punk
I can't say that milliers park never entered my mind, but when I put in my transfer request it really won't be up to me. Which ever has a position open first is where I would be headed.

I'll look into the 4runner. It's about time for a new car anyway.

If nothing else I read that there's some great roads to ride, so it wouldn't be a complete waste to move there :lol
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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