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Moving to UT

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I'm thinking about putting in a transfer request to SLC and just have a few questions.

First I have an 02 altima (3.5L fwd) and an 06 sentra (1.8L fwd) will they make it through the winters there? I am born and raised in TX and have no idea about snow. Seen it a couple of times.

How long is the riding season? You can pretty much ride year round in TX. I would hope to get at least 8 months in.

Lastly whats the Cost of living/ pay like? I'm not sure what i'd make there but here I get 16.85/hr. I know the house prices are insane from the ones I've seen online... a 100k house here is like 150k+ in UT. What are your payments like?

Thanks for any info you can give. And feel free to throw in any other useful info about living in UT.:cheers:cheers
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What kind of work do ya do? I have lived here for 11 years.
You can typically ride from late March to November, sometimes December depending on the year. I suspect this winter will be a dumper.

SLC is better than Utah county (next county south) and Davis county (just north) is nice as well.

Yes your cars will do fine. Make sure you have good tread. Ideally get Blizzak or winterforce tires for the snow season, you'll do fine. I'm a native Floridian. Just act as though you're driving in a downpour, you'll be fine. PM me, I'll give you the skinny on where to avoid. Also visit great group of people. Lots of rides
Grantsville is nice but it's a bit out of the way IMO, unless you want to live near If that's the case then Grantsville may be perfect for ya. Corrine is even smaller, and a lot further north.

Oh and on the SUV thing, trust me, 4wd and AWD don't give you more traction. Every time I go to Park City in the winter, I see more Subarus and 4wd SUV's getting stuck in ditches, and sliding off the road. There's a false sense of security with AWD/4WD and people start getting overly confident and well, black ice on the road doesn't care what type of drive system you have. Best advice I can give you, especially having lived in Florida for 20 years, is just drive within the conditions. Watch out for the assholes that drive like CHAMPIONS with AWD. I spent my first winter here with a 2wd Ford Ranger. I got winter tires and sandbags in the bed, and drove like an old man and things were fine. If you end up living somewhere that has steep roads/driveways, then something with 4wd may suit you. Look at the Toyota lineup, their vehicles with VSC/TRAC do awesome in the snow. For example, the 4Runner in 2wd mode you can make a U-Turn on an unplowed road with it FLOORED and not slide off or out of control in the slightest
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Oh we have some awesome canyon/mountain roads. We'll hit em up with the SBA folks (did you join?) so get in there. :D
A lot of states have state income tax.
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