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Moving to UT

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I'm thinking about putting in a transfer request to SLC and just have a few questions.

First I have an 02 altima (3.5L fwd) and an 06 sentra (1.8L fwd) will they make it through the winters there? I am born and raised in TX and have no idea about snow. Seen it a couple of times.

How long is the riding season? You can pretty much ride year round in TX. I would hope to get at least 8 months in.

Lastly whats the Cost of living/ pay like? I'm not sure what i'd make there but here I get 16.85/hr. I know the house prices are insane from the ones I've seen online... a 100k house here is like 150k+ in UT. What are your payments like?

Thanks for any info you can give. And feel free to throw in any other useful info about living in UT.:cheers:cheers
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Man your going to be fine, they dump so much salt on any main road. I drive a 97 protege all around salt lake and I'm just fine, just get some fresh tread before winter and your golden.

We should totally go riding man, hit some canyon runs.
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