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Function over F0RM
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Here it is, I did it from the manual, but it gets asked a lot. It is from a GSXR600K3 manual:

Motorcycle Storage

1. Fill fuel to top of tank
2. Add recommended stabilizer amount for full tank
3. Run engine for a few minutes to spread stabilizer

1. Pour one tablespoon of motor oil into spark plug hole
2. Reinstall spark plugs and crank engine a few times
3. Drain oil and fill with fresh oil to filler hole
4. Cover air intake and muffler with oily rags to prevent humidity

1. Remove battery from bike
2. Clean with mild soap and remove corrosion from terminals
3. Store battery in cool/dry place
4. Charge: 0.9A x 5 to 10 hours/Max: 4.0A x 1 hour

Protection (helps for inspection of motorcycle)
1. Rinse first removing dirt/mud/debris use a sponge if tough dirt is present
2. Wash with mild detergent/car wash soap using a sponge or soft cloth
3. Rinse motorcycle once washed
4. Wet chamois/cloth and let dry in a shaded area
5. Touch up paint in needed areas
6. Wax painted surfaces
7. Spray rubber and vinyl parts with rubber protectant
8. Spray unpainted surfaces with rust preventative
9. Towels underneath tires <- if no stand is available

1. Chain
2. Clutch lever holder
3. Side stand pivot and spring
4. Gearshift lever pivot and footrest pivot
5. Brake lever holder
6. Brake pedal pivot and footrest pivot
7. Clean steering damper/wipe clean <- lubrication not needed just wiped down

Function over F0RM
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After checking out the book and doing this, I have no clue how someone would plug the air filter inlets.

Function over F0RM
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Yeah, I don't have winter, but I am storing for a few months here in Florida.

I would much rather have cold weather storage than humid storage, but what do you do?
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