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I have a 2000 600. I'm thinking about rebuilding the motor, but I might have a really good deal on a 2007 600 motor. My question is, how difficult would it be to put an 07 600 into a 00 600 frame? Should I rebuild my motor, or put the newer one in it? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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welp, you need everything from the donor, harness, ECU, sensors, filters, fuel pump.. so forth

then there would need be some mount mods that need to be done, brackets, shaving so forth

IF it even fits, they are constantly turning these engines to get center of gravity lowest so you might find the entire configuration just doesn't fit as the head is now over the transmission or just out of whack to the SRAD config?

dunno, look at pics of both engines, look at configuration as in exhaust intake, they will need to be in the same spot to a degree, exhaust gets too low or too high you'll need custom header.. same for intake, then counter shaft sprocket it has to be very close to original spot as well..

IMHO you would be way behind on this deal as apposed to just finding a good running SRAD 750 FI engine, bolts right up, you just need the kit, the exhaust works, the tank, again you just need all the sensors, air box, harness and ECU, no grinding or fabbing, plug and play...

then you end up with a better engine all the way around... OR, 150 more CC's and with a lil' massaging can be modded to take car of that 07 600 in a jiff...
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