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From the factory, our bikes shift pattern is 1 down, 5 up. This modification reverses the pattern to 1 up, 5 down.

No shift style is superior to the other (at least I'm not going to say it is...), it is merely personal preference. A lot of track day participants do use this shift pattern, though.

This modification was performed on an 07 GSX-R 750, but can be done to many other bikes.

Tools needed:

-10mm wrench
-10mm socket
-8mm socket
-1/4 inch or 3/8 ratchet
-14mm deep socket
-Small snap ring pliers

Stock Set-up:

Remove the two bolts circled in red and pull off both levers. The clutch should be marked with a dot that you line up when re-installing. If it doesn't, make a mark of your own.

Here is what you should have:

Switch the shift lever to the other side like so:

Depending on where the pedal is positioned, the rod may hit the water pump housing:

To fix this, we need to reposition the pedal. Remove the snap ring, circled in red, in the above picture, then you are left with this:

Remove the pivot with a deep 14mm, then install it in another hole. I also used a little grease and applied it to the pivot to ensure proper operation. Reinstalled the snap ring and re-check clearance from the water pump:

Here is how it looks with the reversed shift pattern:

Should you find that this pattern isn't for you, it is easy to return the linkage to the factory configuration.

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