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Moto GP 07 Laguna

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Hey everyone,

I'm planning on heading to Laguna Seca next summer for the Moto GP race and the day to buy tix is TOMORROW. My question is which seats do u recommend? Basically I just want to see as much of the race as possible. Which is better, turn 2, or turn 11 from those that have gone. Any info/recommendations is appreciated. Also, any pics of where u sat would be cool too. Thanks!
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I would say the last turn? When I was at the AMA suzuki superbike showdown, the last turn was pretty exciting.
i don't know, buy one for each.

give me the one u don't want, and if you think you want to sit at the spot i'm at, i'll swap with you during the race...
They're only going to give the new track surface 7 or 8 weeks to cure before the GP. It could be a mess again :(
There is no grandstand at turn 2. Last year I sat by the last turn, and this year just after turn 4. I preferred turn 4. Sitting along the front straight, I didn't get to see all that much. I didn't see any passes, and one guy grashed in the last turn, but I was looking the other way at the time. You can only see about half of the straightaway too. From T4 you barely see the top half of them going into 1. My seats were closer to 4 than 5, so I could see them come out of 3, down the short straight, through 4, and off into 5. There were some good passes on the straight between 4 and 5. Either way, if you're in the grandstand, there are screens that display what gets fed to the TV broadcast so you can see what's going on when they're out of sight.

To give you an idea of what you can see, here's some pics from the grandstands. I only have a few stored online, but this should help a bit. I've got a lot more, but they're on another computer.

Turn 4:

Straight between 3 and 4:

Front straight from 2005:

Don't let the zoom fool you. This last shot was taken with a point-and-shoot camera, the others were taken with a DSLR with 300mm lens. The seats are about the same distance away from the track.
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general admission- you can walk around almost all the track. watching from the corkscrew was the greatest.
do they have pit passes
I want to go to this event so bad:D
Got my tix today and man was it a bitch. It is impossible to get the Pit Row Suites...if you know how I would like to damn well know...Good luck if on gettin them.....the suites are all sold out.
Yeah got my tickets but it was a mess. Were just gonna rent a motorhome and camp out. Can't wait. :cheers :cheers
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