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more pictures......

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crack around the shock mount on the 1000

fitting the 750's forks to the F1 bike

going into scruteneering, notice the shirts!

final practice session

post race beer pics

pic of bike after 6 laps, as usual,plenty of flies, but also some feathers, when a suicidal bird flew into Daves path when dave was doing about 150 mph. as you can see, it made a bit of a mess and cracked the screen
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we managed to get it all welded back together. the bike still does not handle too well, seems to go round left corners better than rights, so we think the frame may well be a bit bent and not to straight. When i bought it, i was told the previous rider had a crash, but it was all okay. Not really had a problem with it beforte, but then we have not been out round the TT circuit with 178 rwhp before getting here!

So when we get back, the bike will be stripped and the frame and swingarm sent to sponden for checking..
forgot to mention....

we have saved on of the team shirts as worn above, as a give away to one lucky person, and it will be going to one of the people that made a donation towards the race team. If you have not donated yet, there is still time, as it all helps.

the draw will be made when we get back and everyone who has made a donation, whether large or small will be entered into the draw
we have a deal with metzeler, so we are running Rennsports all week. They are the same as the Pirrelli Supercorsa's, and we are very pleased with can intermix alot of the Pirellis and the Metzelers without an problems, they are made in the same factory and have the same carcass, just a different tread pattern, so no problem mixing them. We have not been running Dunlops, but you may have seen a pic of the tyres that my wife was using on the 750, before we came away. She prefers riding the bike on Dunlops on the track, whereas the rest of us prefer Pirrellis and Metzelers.
I will be getting some action pictures of Dave around the track. I cannot take them myself, as i am always in the pits, but i have seen some great pics of him, taken by some of the Islands professionsal snappers, and they are on their way. I will scan them and post them when they arrive, but it will be after we return from the races
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