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Mis-shift now problems?

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I guess I missed 5th entirely and usually if I miss a gear, which doesn't happen often, the gear indicator goes blank for half a second and then comes back on with the right gear once it's fully engaged. Sorry if I sound like I don't know anything (because I don't know anything about bikes) but today when it missed I heard and felt a big clunk and thud under me and it felt like I snapped something and something dropped off my bike. Immediately afterwards my shift peg had absolutely no resistance and my clutch felt softer. After I stopped and re-started my bike after a few minutes everything felt fine except that the clutch still feels like it has less resistance than before this all happened. I Just don't have very much confidence in the tranny right now and I'm wondering if anyone knows what may have happened. Any help would be appreciated.
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Relax. When you miss a shift be sure to go up not down a gear. What happens is the tranny starts to slow because the clutch is in, but the gear dogs are not lined up. Now when it gets back to mesh the large engagment teeth slam into the selected gear. One or a few of these ussually isn't problem. However all it takes is one severe engagment and the edges of the dogs get rounded. Usually the tranny will pop out of gear or not engage. Your weak clutch could only happen in the gear range the miss shift occured. But that would indicate something broken like a shift fork ear. Drain the oil and look for metal pieces. maybe your just being uber sensitive because you heard that bang.
How is the bike running after we worked on it? The clutch did feel a little soft, but I told you how we can adjust that if it becomes a serious issue for you. And what was said above is exactly what I told you last night in my garage. No stress man :cheers
Also to when you miss a gear match your revs so you dont have a big clunk.
Hmm, while on the topic of missed gears / trannys -

Sometimes when I slip the clutch to do a wheelie I feel like a tug in the rearsets and a clunk. Like something is loose or has slack. Other than the chain, could this be my tranny starting to go? Is that possible?
so why was my shifter peg so loose right after all that happened and that big clunk? i rode it again today and everything seems fine except for my clutch which feels a little softer than before all this happened. i've also been paranoid to leave my bike in neutral even at long lights late at night, i've been holding it in first because i don't want to put extra stress on the tranny right now after what happened. i'm such a freak, i know. and i've also stopped my bad habit of rolling to a stop in neutral, i hold the clutch in first or second while coming up to a stop now. any other suggestions? would suzuki dealership charge me an inspection fee if I were to get it checked out? I only have 1900 miles on the bike and all services were done with the help of ucigaragemilitia since he knows what he's doing and i obviously don't.
Yea they will charge you to inspect it, and odds are all they will do is ride and if nothing goes wrong thats there inspection.

And to continue my lesson of stopping. Dont pull the clutch in and coast to a stop until you are almost stopped.
Heres what I want you to do IN A PARKING LOT.
Roll from first, shift to second and ride around. Then shift down to first and DONT PULL THE CLUTCH IN while you are braking. I want you to feel where the bike starts to lunge because you arent going fast enough. At the point where the bike starts to lunge is where you pull the clutch. This will ensure you are using all of your engine braking.
Obviously dont let the bike stall, just know where the lunge point is and know that you should pull the clutch RIGHT BEFORE that point.

If that doesnt make sense I can show you what I mean next time we ride.
Im sure you know this but its BRAKE then CLUTCH not the other way around.
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