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welp, looks like Alex Rins just tossed the title challenge out the door for Suzuki?

WTF was he thinking?

in the first 2 laps he takes that bike from 13th spot to 1st, like they were all standing still!

then he just settles back into 4th and spectates?

just goes to show that MGP is totally rigged, gimmie a break, he could have forced them all to shred their tires just trying to keep up... unreal, or worse

its like he wanted everyone to know that he could have his way with them, soon as he got out front he just lifted and let everyone go back to their places?

SO RIGGED, what else could it be? he was pulling away then just decides to reel it in and not challenge anyone?

if its not rigged can someone explain?

I saw what happened when he got out front he was PULLING AWAY QUICKLY, he got a good 8 bike lengths ahead then just shut her down? what did he see? what was said? makes absolutely no sense at all? then he tucks in behind 3rd and just sits there? no challenge at all, he never did challenge even tho on a LOT of braking he was clearly checking up and had plenty more corner speed?

makes no sense at all, with the title on the line you risk EVERYTHING to get the top spot and gain points, he just settled when he was going by them like they were standing still 2 laps from 13th to 1st, yea he had pace, and then some..

sure he may not have had the top speed but what he had in the corners surely made up for it, he could have pushed those guys into tire wear or maybe even taking themselves out trying to keep pace, Alex had AMAZING pace and his tires weren't even warm, that kid CAN RIDE, WTF? he just tucks in behind 3rd and stays there, right on their tails, sometimes having to check up as he had more brake and corner setup? motogp is the NFL of motorsports

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his riding style is what keeps his tyres cool... he has never slid the bike around like most people of this era are, he has corner speed but in top speed the suzuki is still down about 11mph on the honda, ducs etc
he may have been thinking about the title and not wanted to risk it, plus, he also one of the most frequent riders to need to change riding maps on track... maybe his style uses more fuel and towards the end the bike is limped a bit.

his cornering skills have always been mind blowing. i don't know how he does it either. his riding style is unlike anyone in the paddock currently.
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