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Low mileage TL1000R for sale..

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I know this bike personally, it's in amazing shape, and the miles are legitimate.
The bike came from California from a guy who bought it back on 2001, got deployed to the sandbox, then came back and rarely rode it. Got married, had kids, cranked it up and let it run periodically, then sold it to his cousin in Utah.
Then he put new rubber on it, changed the tires, all fluids, etc.
The current owner replaced the tank gasket, and rode it a bit, wife is forcing him to sell his toys (he has a few motorcycles)

If need be, I can act as proxy, and can assist in helping it get packed up to ship. I have a friend that works at a motorcycle dealer that frequently throws away crates for Triumph, and I can get the packaging to ship it for free.

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Yes it's for sale locally :)

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Who actually crates bikes unless they are going overseas? You just need to find a motorcycle shipper

I've shipped a lot of cars (I know, not the same as bikes) and have had a lot of good luck, and a bit of bad luck. Since the crate would be free, it's a good option to protect a bike where OEM fairings are a bitch to find.
^ The dealer crated my 750 with an old crate when I had it sent from Boston to Daytona years ago. It helped that my dad owned a big rig though and ran that route since his only son was in college at the time. :biggrin

On a side note though, that TL is pretty damn clean. You rarely see them so well intact these days. Good luck Voodu helping your buddy unload it.
Mine is nicer. ;)
Yea but it rules out half your shippers. You eliminate all the guys who strap down bikes in/on trailers and have to look for cargo shippers. Plus the cost would go up.

I just found it odd. I didn't know people actually shipped used bikes in crates. Especially a $4-5k bike, or whatever hes asking...

Best of luck on the sale!
You have a point there.
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