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yup, looks like you need to sort some wiring, if at all possible score a nice headlight loom that's all there, or at least remove the one you have and compare it to a known working stoick one and rebuild that one to stock spec

aside from that gonna have to pull out the multimeter and begin testing, the service manual can walk you through a logical manner to save time and headaches, youtube.. sucks when people chop n' funk harnesses..

as Craig says, clean that entire wiring system front to back, clean all connectors with electrical contact cleaner, maybe get some small round brushed from a hobby shop get in and clean everything up, then pack every connector with dielectric grease, clean all your grounds..

wiring is my least favorite thing on a bike, why my fuel gauge still isn't working 100%, not looking forward to draining gas and removing pump either, gotta do it if I wanna sell it tho..
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