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Looks like Dani is "now' going to help Nicky

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HRC Set The Scene For Valencia Title Decider
......And It All Comes Down To This!!
by staff
Wednesday, October 25, 2006
'I need to win and hope that Rossi has a bad weekend.'Honda Motorsports send us this message on the eve of the 2006 MotoGP title showdown:
Grand Prix of Valencia
October 27, 28 and 29 2006
This is the MotoGP showdown race fans have been waiting for with 225,000 tickets already sold in advance for Sunday's 30-lap duel between Nicky Hayden (Repsol Honda RC211V) and Valentino Rossi (Yamaha). And Valencia track expert Hayden has it all to do here in this make or break race.
Nicky, having led the World Championship all season, is now eight points adrift of the leader Rossi after Estoril. A win here for Nicky with Rossi finishing third or lower would be enough for an overall victory for Hayden in this 17-race World Championship series.
The omens are good for Hayden here. Last season Nicky was second to Marco Melandri by just under one tenth of a second with Rossi third. Hayden rates it one of his favourite tracks, while Rossi, despite winning here in 2003 and 2004, is not a fan of this largely second and third gear circuit.
There are other factors in Hayden's favour. Three other Honda riders have proved they can win in the premier class this season: Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda RC211V), and the Fortuna men Marco Melandri (Fortuna Honda RC211V) and Toni Elias. This can help Nicky if they can get between him and Rossi. Casey Stoner (LCR Honda RC211V) and Kenny Roberts (Roberts KR211V) are also capable of figuring high in the points, although no one should underestimate the resolve of Rossi.
Nicky has to win to stand any real chance of denying Rossi another World crown. If Hayden can only manage second place, then Rossi only needs a fifth place finish to clinch the title. If Hayden manages a third place, then Rossi only needs a ninth, so the American will be all out for the win hoping that his team-mate Dani can do him a favour here. Pedrosa is three times winner here, twice on a 250 and once on a 125.
The 4.005km Ricardo Tormo track was designed to fit in the 'bowl' of a natural amphitheatre, so that the huge crowds (200,000 plus) can track the progress of riders almost all the way around a full lap. With 14 turns (five rights and nine lefts) packed into this tight space, and only a short 876m straight, it's ideal for spectators - but hard work for riders.
There is no time to rest here. With many turns in quick succession and only the short chute on which to 'relax', the 'Cheste' track is punishing. Despite a slow average lap time at around a 150km/h average speed (the second slowest on the calendar next to Estoril) the bikes are on the edge of their tyres for long periods - precisely where riders need to apply maximum concentration.
The two fast turns at either end of the main straight are hard on rubber too, so set-up means making the most of available grip and having a machine that turns easily without too much physical effort from the pilot. Progressive acceleration out of those turns is vital too.
Nicky said, "When I think about the last race I still feel pretty sick but the truth is I've got to get over it. My shoulder is feeling a little better, the clutch is finally better and my boy Elias did me a huge favour at Estoril and gave me hope! Valencia is a track I really like, and the atmosphere there is unreal - it's as good as it gets as far as a crowd to race in front of. So I go there with nothing to lose - I need to win and hope that Rossi has a bad weekend."
Dani said, "It's been quite a difficult time since the race at Estoril, for obvious reasons. It's hard to just forget such an incident, especially when it was so important for Nicky and the team, but that is what I must do now. I have to put it behind me and focus on getting the best possible result this weekend. I'll do everything I can to help Nicky - we have a big challenge ahead but we can make it. Valencia is a small circuit, but it's a good test of the bikes. On a MotoGP machine it's going to feel very tight and the key will be to get a good balance from the bike in the many medium and slow corners."
Melandri said, "After such a tough race in Portugal I still managed to hold on to third in the Championship and on Sunday I'll try to defend that. I'd like to end the season with another good result and I've had a lot of joy at this circuit in the past - you only have to think about my victory here last season. Hopefully we can find a good compromise between the bike and tyres and be up there from the start. Sunday will be a highly-charged race with a tense atmosphere and I think the title won't be decided until the very last corner of the very last lap."
"The victory at Estoril was a wonderful surprise," said a happy Elias. "But also the fruit of a lot of hard work from the team, confirming that we are working in the right direction. I want to thank the whole team, especially my chief mechanic Fabrizio Cecchini, who always believed in me and made me feel relaxed and confident. It would be great to put in another top performance at Valencia, in front of the Spanish fans. I don't really like the track itself but the fact it is in Spain, with so much support and an incredible atmosphere, makes up for that."
Stoner said, "We have done a good job this year and even though we've made some mistakes, I'm hoping to finish the season with a decent result at Valencia, a track where I have always been competitive."
Kenny Roberts said, "We've shown what we can do this season and it would be great to finish really strongly with a podium or better. The bike has the potential for that and it's up to us to make sure we get everything dialled in early so we can concentrate on qualifying well."
Makoto Tamada (Konica Minolta Honda RC211V) said, "Racing in Spain is always special for the passion transmitted by the fans. The track is not difficult but it is fun. On Sunday's race, I'll try to be a protagonist and obtain a good result to thank the Team for the job done during these four years in MotoGP. I'll do my best from the start in order to obtain a good position on the starting grid."

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He's completely full of shit.

He was told to make those statements...
Just my silly opinion though.;)
dani needs to shut the fuck up. He blew it already. I hope it rains in valencia so he can hang out in the back of the pack with Hopper and McCoy on his 800cc Ilmore. Rossi had nothing to race for last year at Valencia, hence the 3rd place finish.

I'd love to see it come down to just Nicky and Vale on the last lap, for pride if not for the championship.
it is going to be a dogfight. I cannot wait.
mikeb12 said:
it is going to be a dogfight. I cannot wait.
hell ya. :punk

225,000 tickets already sold. :eek:hmy
HAHA WTF said:
Dani should just take out Rossi
The italian mob has already informed Dani that this would, in effect, be suicide.
HAHA WTF said:
Dani should just take out Rossi
there's the solution I have been looking for. thank you
I can't wait for this race. There will be no holding back and to me... that's what racing is all about. How awsome is it that the championship is being decided on the last race.
I went to Valencia 2003 and 2004 and they are right about the fanATICS there. I lived about 20 minutes from Jerez and they are just as bad. When I get back to the states i hope they are still running Laguna as I will definately be there when I can. In MotoGP, every race over there is like the World Series / Superbowl, etc. all rolled in to one. A HUGE party the whole weekend. The little town outside of Jerez, El Puerto de Santa Maria, almost literally is closed down the week prir to the race weekend and cops, they are out but unless you are drunk riding they don't mess with you at ALL. Crazy place to be and the best 3 years of my motorcycle riding life living over there. Can wait for my next European tour as well as making it to Suzuka / Motegi while I am here in Japan at least once.


Oh yeah, the main reason I posted.....Dani Punkdrosa needs to be horsewhipped at the earlist possible chance for that crap...
It would suck for Hayden, but be a little funny if Danni took him out on accident He could never visit the US for the rest of his life...
fugitiveorphan said:
The italian mob has already informed Dani that this would, in effect, be suicide.
If I took out one of my team mates I would sacrifice myself to even the score.
Wingsonwheels said:
It would suck for Hayden, but be a little funny if Danni took him out on accident He could never visit the US for the rest of his life...
don't even joke like that! :nono:mad
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