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Anyone who can take a pic at the wiring scheme from an gsxr 1000 2009

Need to follow up pin 35 and som moore

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Search for the service manual. It's in the first part of section 9A. They started using color diagrams in K9. They put fine black lines around each lead to distinguish white leads from the background. But you have to go to high magnification, 400% or more, to see what's going on. Furthermore the diagram is split onto two pages. For those reasons, I consider it a failure.

Pin 35, B/Br, is sensors ground and goes to every sensor (10) except CKP and fuel level. Also to the SAP connector.

P.S. Because of the large number of connected points, it probably runs through at least one junction block. But there's very little information about them, including no mention in the wiring diagram.
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