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lights flicker

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the starter switch is a little touchy. i look at the headlights when the engine is on, and when i slightly touch the starter they go on and off. is this an easy fix (tightening the little hinge inside perhaps?) or is this for a pro.

i figure i'd have to take the right handle off
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my headlights were going out on occasion too during the daytime for some reason i noticed and i just took it all apart and tightened everything. nothing super hard if your electrically knowledgable. heck pretty easy actually. havent had the problem since. that switch brand new is over $100
solder it to the other freaken wire and it'll stay on all the time, and not cut out with the starter being pushed. its what i did. otherwise the solder just won't hold, and make the connection. basically the bad wire is in a row of three others in one direction - and a row of two in the other. solder it to the other one in the two direction.
Had the samething happin 2 me, head lite flickers and start inop at times on my 05 600 of corse it was just out of warranty. traced problem 2 the starter switch bike was 13 months old still took it 2 the shop and they replaced it for FREE. i had bought 2 05 600's on the sameday no problem with the other 1?? yet
i was affraid it was gonnna cost a lot to replace it. so i think i will try to do it myself first.

i just wonder how long i've been having this problem cuz i mostly ride during the day, and the one night out of like 2 or 3 weeks i decided to go out, and they were flickering. i do the pre ride checks but they only seemed to be doing it while riding
:scratch umm am i missing something? i know on my bike if i hit the starter while it's running the light goes out as long as i have the switch depressed? this isn't abnormal as far as i know.:scratch but if it's really touchy you might wanna take the switch assembly apart and try stretching the spring out a little to give the button a little more pressure.
Is it just your running light or does your high beam cut out as well?
yea the problem wasn't that they went off during startup, it's that the slightest movement of the starter switch would make them go on and off. but during normal driving they were fine
your switch if supposedly to be a recall and its waranty thing.....
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