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Condensation or head gasket

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I have an 03 hayabusa. Started it up a couple times during the colder months( I live in ny) went to do new coolent and new oil to have it sit for the rest of the winter and the oil is a light brown color. I've been reading a couple forums I've seen it can be condisation from the winter months and starting it up, using mobile 1 in the cold or the dreaded head gasket. Looking for some insight on it or if anyone else has had this problem. Thank you guys

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never had that issue, maybe drain it and let it sit see if its air, water or coolant?

whats the coolant look like? any steam coming out the exhaust? coolant level the same?

maybe add new and see what it happens? oil normally does get sorta lightish looking when running as it gets airated by the crank and clutch basket so forth but settles back down after shutoff pretty fast..

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someone fugg with your bike? some people will do that type of BS.. looks like something white was added, like milk, hows it smell? good thing you got that out of there, YUK
Didn't smell like coolent just seemed like normal oil. Also when the bike started white smoke coming out but once it was up to temp there was no smoke at all.

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I think head gasket (never seen this color and I would never start with that so good you took it out, maybe heat some on a spoon and see if water is present?)

But starting in winter without driving means it does not reach operating temp and so no water was removed from the oil by idling.

Maybe put some of that oil in a jar and see how it separates at room temperature (oil floats on water after a while) and maybe use a bit of new oil with coolant to see if you can replicate?

But condensation in the cold is a lot when looking at months of time. When around 0 degrees celcius more condensation was visible on my fuel-tank and engine.
I keep the fuel tank full to prevent condensation inside.

And when replacing the air-filter my GSXR1000 had to much water in the crankcase breather filter, maybe check the air-filter box?, it has a drain that was dry.
The small

I don't think it can drain back from filter to engine, but maybe...

GSXR1000 :

GSXR1000 2014 air-filter cover inside, squeezed filter in paper:

Top cover of the air-filter, breather GSXR1000 2014

The GSXR1000 2014 airfilter water drain was dry, so that is not really an indication to me:

Add water to oil, still kept going:

The Gixxer forum messes up the attachment pictures, on the original website they can be clicked and zoomed: Suzuki GSX-R 1000 2014 = L4 WVCY/12

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Start off every season I drop the oil. General service. Starting and running through the winter ( even up to temp ) is nowhere near the same a riding,does the oil no good.
And, In the Suzuki owners manual, it states something like for winter storage, to FILL the crankcase up to the filler hole with oil. Then drain it down before running it in Spring....

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GSX-R 1000 2014 L4 in the Netherlands
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Yes, imagine trying to start it with the engine full.

I know nobody who does this and when I bought my 1000 the owner also had a busa in the same storage and I think if this oil problem was normal there would be more info?
Looking at the picture I can not accept this is just and only condensation, the mix is 1:4 water I think, so a full liter of water.

Anyway the storage text from the manual, thanks for mentioning that and it definitely shows there is more (now thinking if I should do this next winter)

If your motorcycle is to be left unused
for an extended period of time, it
needs special servicing requiring
appropriate materials, equipment and
skill. For this reason, Suzuki recommends
that you trust this maintenance
work to your Suzuki dealer. If
you wish to service the machine for
storage yourself, follow the general
guidelines below:
Clean the entire motorcycle. Place
the motorcycle on the side stand on a
firm, flat surface where it will not fall
1. Fill the fuel tank to the top with
fuel mixed with the amount of gasoline
stabilizer recommended by
the stabilizer manufacturer.
2. Run the engine for a few minutes
until the stabilized gasoline fills
the fuel injection system.
1. Pour one tablespoon of motor oil
into each spark plug hole
. Reinstall
the spark plugs and crank the
engine a few times.
2. Drain the engine oil thoroughly
and refill the crankcase with fresh
engine oil all the way up to the
filler hole.

3. Cover the air cleaner intake and
the muffler outlet
with oily rags to
prevent humidity from entering.
1. Remove the battery from the
motorcycle by referring to the
BATTERY section.
2. Clean the outside of the battery
with a mild soap and remove corrosion
from the terminals and wiring
3. Store the battery in a room above
Inflate tires to the normal pressure.
• Spray all vinyl and rubber parts
with rubber protectant.
• Spray unpainted surfaces with
rust preventative.
• Coat painted surfaces with car
Once a month, recharge the battery.
The standard charging rate is 1.2A ×
5 to 10 hours.

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Didn't smell like coolant just seemed like normal oil. Also when the bike started white smoke coming out but once it was up to temp there was no smoke at all.

welp, any time you have colored smoke white blue brown yellow coming out exhaust put your hand behind the can for about 10 seconds, specially for white, if its steam droplets will collect on your hand..

shut off let sit over night, try it again, cars will collect water in the exhaust through condensation and it burns off at first start.. bikes typically do not do this but you want to eliminate this scenario just in case, if its routinely blowing steam you have something amiss, gasket, cracked head/cylinders?

after you add new oil keep an eye on it for milkiness and steam bout all you can do here but that oil does not look good..

if there's persistent milkiness or steam there are some non intrusive leak stops that can work in a pinch.. busa engines are about $600 to a grand or so consider this it can destroy and clogg specially if you add a grip of sealant.. if used consider a complete tear down and wash, replace everything or Xray unless you see a clear break in the gasket which would be best scenario for water in oil, you can remove the head on the bike, replace gasket maybe bolts, maybe add new cam chain so forth while your at it?

to clean the system run sea foam and a heavy detergent oil for a while, 50 miles or so, drain, add a cheap blend with sea foam, run, then change to a good synthetic should be good to go, if you use a lot of block sealer tear down and pressure rinse to insure all galleries are clear and all the block sealant is out of everywhere, it will be in clutch tranny everywhere, why its frowned upon unless its emergency situations..
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