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Lets get some good info in here!!!

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Lets here some reccomendations for good shops, mechanics, dealers ect in our area! This would be good to help anyone out looking to get thier bike worked on ect and not wanting to get boned in the process.
Here are my experiences:


Mountain Performance Cycle (Longmont, CO)
For major engine work, he can even machine his own parts. Tom is a classy guy. Runs his shop at his house. He does work for the AMA and MRA. He rebuilt my engine after the headaches I have been through without one single gripe. He quoted me a price over the phone when we first talked about workin on my bike. He stuck with the quote the whole time. I came in just a bit more than the original quote because he replaced a couple gears.
I don't want to post his ph# but if you are interested in having him work on your bike (he likes bare engines, not the whole bike BTW) email me at [email protected]

Perfomance Cycle (Denver, CO)
These guys are very helpfull for parts, apparel, oil ect. Anything from Hardleys to Ducati's. They are a tad on the pricey side but worth a stop by. They are willing to help you make a right decision on fitting ect. They do have good sales though, be sure to check them out at the end of the season for clearances. I got a Fieldsheer 2 piece for about a total of 600.00 bucks from them at a end of the year sale.

Erico Powersports (Denver, CO)
Yes these guys are a Triumph dealer. They sell a big amount of used bikes though. Ton's of wrecked and used parts. They also do good on new OEM parts (For any bike imaginable). They have a Dyno and a good shop. They are a tad pricey but I have herd one of the best Suzuki mechanincs in the state works there.

Excel Motorsports (Denver, CO)
At least the one off of Colfax is awful. Avoid these people like the plauge. I have had my bike in there for warranty work so many times I cannot count them all. Thier Sales people are flat out liars in my dealings with them. Thier shop is shit. They say they do things and then do not come through. They even fucked my bike up when replacing one of my many CCT so bad it ended up splitting a cam in half! STAY AWAY!!!!

Anyway that is something to get started with. I have herd from many of you about other good shops and dealers but I never delt with them so feel free to let us know your experience!


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TFOG and TK are great places.

Performance is good for accessories but don't have a shop anymore - however I think their top mechanics opened up TK anyway.

Fay's service shop sucks, parts are ok but overpriced, sales is run by a bunch of pompous assholes.

Grand Prix - mixed feelings, some people like them, I have seen them do some stupid things.

Colo Powersports - Castle Rock seems to be ok, but I have seen a lot of horror stories about the rest, from small mistakes to gross incompetence and dishonesty. Your mileage may vary.

Coyote Motorsports - New, but good. One of our members had a problem there, the owner got on the message board and everything was solved very quickly. They admitted the mistake and fixed it. I say, try 'em out!

Excel - Ugh.

Erico - mixed. Cool place, but I've seen some idiocy from the service shop there as well.

That's all I can think of just now.
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Check out Twin Peaks at I-25 and Longmont. A guy from CSC is one of the owners now (his family bought the place), they will take care of you!
TK Motorsports, located at 8th/I-25! Please tell them Ralph referred you.
Hey Pb thankx for the info on TK I have to get my 05 1k tuned and have heard of them but no one really delt with them just other friends. I take it that you have personaly delt witht them?
Constantly, my motor was built at their shop and I've hung around the place enough to get a good feel for their work.
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