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Left handle bar won't tighten...

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I have a 09' 750 the front tire went off the sidewalk a bit while trying to push the bike into the garage. So I grabbed it by the bars and pulled it back up, when I did the left handle bar just went limp... completely loose so I inspected it and it's not broken. So I loosened the bolt, and slid the bar back up and into position. I tightened it all the way down, and then when I leaned on the bars it just loosens right back up... not sure what's happening and I am a complete noob. I just bought the bike, and I have never done anything to a motorcycle mechanically...I'm not sure if I'm just putting the bar in the wrong place, or what is going on. I straightened up the wheel and tried to position the clamp at the same angle that the throttle side is positioned at, I pulled it all the way up as high as it would go.
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^^^ There's a torque spec, and it's surprisingly low.
16.5 ft/lb.
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