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Learning to Wheelie

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It's really badass when I see people pop a wheelie and hold it there for a while. I never really put much time into learning how to wheelie and was wondering is it really a difficult feat to accomplish? I'm more of a weekend warrior when it comes to riding. How long did it take you guys to learn how to wheelie? I ride a GSXR1000 and I can pop a quick power wheelie about 1ft. high, but I'm a little afraid to go further. Any tips? Thanks!
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Any tips?
Sure. Don't learn to do wheelies on a GSX-R1000. :thumbup
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I had done it so much on my old bikes that I'm kind of over it now. Sometimes I still will roll one up in 1st coming up the on ramp getting onto the highway but that's about it. Buuuut....years ago it was 2nd gear standups on the seven five Ohhh all day like my boy @Hunter. I'd put it down once my arms got tired. :fact

I will say though. By the time I got to sportbikes at the ripe age of 16, I had wheelied all my dirtbikes and bicycles. Can't imagine learning the concept on a sportbike now. I think you newer guys are crazy for even trying. I still love wheelies the same way our celebrated racers do. Just don't care for them as much anymore. Sort of a been there, done that type of thing. I might be getting old. :facepalm
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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