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Learning to Wheelie

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It's really badass when I see people pop a wheelie and hold it there for a while. I never really put much time into learning how to wheelie and was wondering is it really a difficult feat to accomplish? I'm more of a weekend warrior when it comes to riding. How long did it take you guys to learn how to wheelie? I ride a GSXR1000 and I can pop a quick power wheelie about 1ft. high, but I'm a little afraid to go further. Any tips? Thanks!
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I've clutched up my 600 and my 1k a few times. Maybe got 1' off the ground. I'd love to be able to bust out a wheelie whenever I wanted. I never really committed to learning because a mistake could cost thousands of dollars. If I had a bike I could afford to lose, I'd probably have more luck. The risks are just too high for me.
+1 I prefer both wheels on the ground. It cost me way too much and I love my bike way to much to risk dropping it. I've picked the wheel up maybe an inch shifting into second once or twice but that's all I got in me.
I used to be able to pick the wheel up on my Katana 600 about 2 inches shifting into second and third but that was damn near at red line. But that kind of talk is frowned upon here soooo..... No. I never did that. Lol
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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