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Learning to Wheelie

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It's really badass when I see people pop a wheelie and hold it there for a while. I never really put much time into learning how to wheelie and was wondering is it really a difficult feat to accomplish? I'm more of a weekend warrior when it comes to riding. How long did it take you guys to learn how to wheelie? I ride a GSXR1000 and I can pop a quick power wheelie about 1ft. high, but I'm a little afraid to go further. Any tips? Thanks!
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I went through that phase 30+ years ago and thought I was pretty bad ass at the time. I wheelied everywhere, just because.

It was on a brand-new Ninja 1000R - fastest bike in the world at the time. First bike I ever wheelied cuz it was my first bike that had any balls. It's a miracle I never dropped it. Would have broken my heart... plus however many bones.

As has been said, don't tempt fate, buy something cheap / safe to learn on and do it where you won't kill yourself or others.

Good luck :cheers

In a t-shirt, sneakers and a $50 P.O.S. Kiwi helmet, no less. :facepalm


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I could never wheelie for shit on my mountain bike, although that might be because I never really got into trying.

Shit, bike season is upon us soon and I owe my bike EVERYTHING. I let my chain go too long last season so I need a new chain / cassette /chain rings. Bottom bracket bearing too and all new cables.
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