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latest rebuild pics

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Well, whilst i have been away on holiday, Dave has been busy rebuilding the F1 bike. the front end is now in with the promach yokes, wheels , exhaust etc all now fitted. just the finishing off to do, so it should be ready for me on Sunday.

Dave has the quickshifter to fit which he is doing tonight. We have got one of the Translogic quickshifters, the QS2, its the one with the shift light and quickshifter only. they also do one with gear indicator and lap timer as well, but we dont really need that so opted for the more basic version. It looks REALLY well made, easy to fit, plus it the only one available that does not get the Fi light blinking, plus its used by John Reynolds etc at crescent suzuki, so if its good enough for them............

some pics.....

rear end now almost finished.

new shock linkage from crescent suzuki, almost the same as the Yosh linkage

new promach yokes

nearly finished front

nearly finished rear, with Dave wearing his super fast TT riders slippers........

more pics of the finished bike tomorrow. I go to Magny Cours in France next weekend for 2 days on track with the European Superbike school, so will post a report as to how it handles and how good the quickshifter is then, plus what its like to ride the GP track !


thanks for everyones support, once Mr Gixxer decides on the best way forward, we shall start the ball rolling to raise sponsorship for the 04 TT races. If anyone is involved in a company/business and they want to sponsor us for next years TT races, please get in touch. We also plan to do the Ulster GP and the Scarbourough road races next year, subject to funds being available, with the help and support of
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1knerd said:

So do the triple clamps have adjustable offset on them? What rake and trail #'s are you guys running? What improvements does the shock
linkage offer? Is the swingarm the stock length or do you have increased wheelbase? I suppose a heavy steering bike with alot of stability
is the way to go for all the high speeds on the TT course, but doesn't the rider get arm pump in a 6 lap race? I can see why a big guy like DJ would
have a real advantage, it looks like a muscle/bull riding contest after a while.
we have the non adjustable yokes. rake and trail are a bit less than stock, but not ridden it yet to see the difference. new linkage allows the shock to work throuout its full length. the stock linkage cuases the shock to lock up on high speed bumps. the exact science of it was explained to me, but i was not paying enough attention so i cannot explain the full workings to you...sorry

swingarm is a bit longer, but can be adjusted. we have initially set the wheel base as stock, but can go longer/shorter as required. Will fine tune it as we go. as always, its a tradeoff between straight line stability and turning ability.

Arm pum not really a problem, asuming the rider has been training and the bike is pretty stable. big forces under braking though, sometimes from over 180 mph
will be podting the latest pics tomorrow, bike now finished including the super duper new quickshifter...........
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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