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L1 600 aftermath of the crash

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Hello friends!
Long story short I was in a crash last week and I am slowly trying to figure out where to start with the process of putting my bike together. As far as I can tell the biggest(costly) damage to it are the front cowl and side larger fairing, the radiator’s neck right beneath the cap is also busted (I think it can get welded which would cut the cost for a new one), left handlebar is also busted.
The thing that got me worried the most however are some chips on the frame as you can see on a couple of the photos I’ve uploaded. I don’t think they are a result of the crash however.. what do you guys think are those chips a big deal and a possible issue further down the line? I started the bike after the accident and it worked perfectly, however white smoke was coming out of the exhaust( probably coolant leakage in the ignition chamber). I would also appreciate some recommendations on where and what parts I can get to start putting the bike together - I know it all comes down to how much money I am willing to spend, but I’d like to know what my options are since I’ve never been in such a situation. Thanks!

P.S. I know the forks are from a 750, the bike has some history.

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Get the frame measured / doesn't take much of an impact to tweak it.
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^^^ +1 on that. Also, don't skimp with repairs. A new radiator is going to be required. But measure the frame first.
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The worst damage that I can pick out from this crash is the radiator and a busted clip-on. There's what looks to be at worst a paint chip (same picture is shown twice).

The worst damage from BEFORE this crash is that rashed area (circled in red below) but a frame slider has clearly been installed over top of that since then.

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So it's been down at least twice by the looks of it. Nothing looks too bad but as has been said, get the frame checked - a few bucks spent here will either be good news, or will save you from wasting a pile of money if the frame is tweaked.
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you could get the critical parts you need anyways enough to get it running and rolling then ride it, see how it rides, definitely inspect that frame real good everywhere which means a total strip down, it may have a stress crack where its not visible complete, I might have it x rayed if I am riding it, the chips may be a sign of bends?

remove that tank and bodywork is that a crack along the frame behind the chip out? would give cause that frame bent on impact, I just cannot tell if its a crack there or a scratch?

how does the shape look? have anything to compare it to that's known straight? that big dimple ahead of the crack always there..

a straight frame maybe in order, almost as much to put on jig, measure then straighten as a good used.. all the rest is common parts should be everywhere and accessible, some cheap, some not so for what it is, $400-$500 prolly get the entire front clip minus wheels and brakes, forks, triple tree, clip ons? $150 radiator, $150 headlight and brackets.. $150 stator case, hard to tell what all fasteernsadbodywork is needed, they have chynese kits for $500 shipped.. or piece it together and wait for color matched pieces to show up... still waiting after 6 years for a color matched busa nose to appear..
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