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Keeping a memory Alive

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R.I.P Alan Black
Born November 11,1976
Entered Into Rest November 2, 2002

Once a year at around the time of Alan’s death I like to post up and keep his memory alive. “Alive” not only to me but to others that my have not known him.

Alan passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident on Nov 2, 2002. The details of the accident itself is non relevant.

What is of importance is the fact that Alan touched my heart as well as my wife’s and our children.

When I and the family are driving along and we slap in Alan’s CD. When his song “Captain” Starts to play our 3 year just sings along with the verse “Captain” stares out the window and has just this peaceful look on his face.

It’s amazing how Alan’s music has kept him alive to our family and our friends.

If you wish to place some pictures to his name you can find them here:

If you wish to hear Alans Music you can find it here:

There are download links to his album below the player.

Please remind all those that enjoy his music that yes indeed that is:
Alan Black from Camarillo California

RIP My Friend

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RIP Alan
Rip :(
Rip and God Bless his Soul...
r.i.p. alan
RIP Alan. Always a sad day when a fellow rider goes down.
RIP Allen, it's good to have good friends to keep you alive in peoples minds
very thoughful of you to do this
Rip Alan
My Condolence,
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R.I.P. Lost my best friend to an overdose a few months ago. Always sucks to loose a good friend.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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