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Hey fellas,

I finally nailed down finding a bike so I should be picking her up on Monday. Black K9 with a few extras like a Brock's full exhaust doing away with those horrid looking cans. Has some kind of program mapped in along with a quick-shifter. Has some minor cosmetic stuff like a rear fender eliminator. I'd like to add the following things and since I've been out of the bike scene for so long, need a little advice and direction.

1) HIDs or LEDs? I want to change the stock halogens to HID 6K in both high and low beams. Was told by some shop here that I may want to consider LED instead. I remember the 6K HID output on my previous bikes and was very happy with the crisp vision it provided. If I do go with HID, I want to make sure I get proper ballasts that wont delay when activated (not the cheap Chinese junk)....especially if I do the high beams as well. I'm in Greece and many roads here are without any street lights so HID in both high and lows would be a great help.

2) Frame protectors: Someone at the Suzuki dealership told me that I can find some for the K9 but they are of crap quality. The "good" ones require the fairings to be cut? Is this true or just BS he tried feeding me? Has rear spools for a stand.

3) Shorty levers: Always went with Pazzo, any others I may like? Maybe some a bit more affordable?

4) SS braided lines: Brake fade or not, I always notice a difference when I add them.

5) Gearing: Not sure what the current set up looks like and not even sure what size pitch the chain has. I always preferred a lower geared set up. Suggestions?

6) Seats: Is Corbin still top shelf comfy? Anything else I might find more comfortable?

7) Alarm and locks/security: I had Scorpion on last machines, they still ok is there something better I should look at or consider? As for locks, thinking about that lock that squeezes the brake lever when parked...worth it? Saw it advertised someplace. How about an alarm that can worth with my cell phone?

Am I missing anything? Oh, and I need to get a large Black/Silver OEM "GSXR" badge that goes on the right side. I remember there was a sponsor here that did stickers. I'm in Europe now so can I get it from a Suzuki dealer or would I have to go after market? Don't really care but it might be nice to maybe see some different options. I guess maybe get a set for both sides and replace them so they are both identical.

Thanks in advance for the help fellas...

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