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my rectifier went bad and melted the connectors.
i replaced the rectifier but this time hardwired the r/r to the harness and the stator.

the bike currently will not prime the fuel pump.
i AM in neutral and holding the clutch in with kickstand up

when i flip the switch you can only hear and see the throttle body flutter a bit

battery reads 12.6 normally and 10. something while cranking

i replaced all the fuses and the main 30a fuse (which was the only fuse blown)

i bypassed the tos with resistors

i replaced the 2 relays on the air box and the turn relay next to the starter relay.

i disconnected and re connected the fuel pump lol . the fuel pump connector IS getting voltage from what i can see

ive been doing research and the only thing left to do would be to 1. replace the fuel pump 2. replace the resistor in the ignition 3. replace the ecu

if anyone knows anything about this problem some input would be helpful

ive never had any issues with the fuel pump untill my r/r burnt up

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If you measure voltage on the pump's connector, but the fuel pump isn't working, there must be something wrong with the pump itself. Make sure that is the case and if you can't see any problems externally, such as with the pump's electrical connector, you'll have to remove the pump assembly for inspection.
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