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I have recently had to remove the datatool s4 alarm from my 750. I have traced all wires back etc to where they were spliced. However, with the key in and turned on, nothing, doesn't prime, no lights come on at all, no dash, just dead, so clearly somewhere there is something missing. Tested the battery it is fine.

There is a white connector in the centre of the picture below, does anyone know where that comes from or what it is for? Behind it is the black fuse box, it looks to me like it clips on there, it is a female connector but no male to connect it into anywhere I can find?

The other white connector to its right seems to terminate, it has a cap on it.

You can see where the wires of both these have been spliced by the alarm fitter. I have cut the wiring out. I will obviously tape these up once I have got it working.

Just can't seem to fathom this last piece of the puzzle. Very little info I can find online about s4 removal that has any kind of pics or useful information.

Any ideas at all, especially with the middle white connector would be gratefully received.


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