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Hi guys,
Have got to get this working before a track day in short time.. any help appreciated!

So today after a short ride, mye bike did not want to start.
I've just serviced it, valves and everything, driven 1000k's after that, running without issues.

Ignition on, everything as normal, fuel pump sounds like it primes and all good.
Hit the start button and it just tries to prime again, as long as I hold it.. but it will not crank, no spark nothing. Seems like there is a fuel delivery/relay issue?

Also. After some tries, the FI code comes up.

I will try to do some troubleshooting tomorrow.. battery etc, all the basics..
Had to roll the bike to work and leave it locked there.

Any help appreciated guys!! Cheers

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I have been able to troubleshoot a bit.

Was 90% sure it was the starter relay (it clicks, but perhaps it didn't complete the circuit). Shorted it. Nothing.
It's also not the clutch/side stand relay, since it primes with clutch pressed, but not depressed. Not gonna bother testing them.

So now it all stops at the starter motor itself.. which I suppose is unlikely, especially to just suddently go wrong. But I really hope it is that...

So I've just removed it, and it spins quite hard.. not sure how hard it should be to spin. Maybe it was burned because of this.
Gonna hook it up to a 12V supply and see if it works after work

HOPEFULLY thats the culprit.. otherwise I am lost here and starting to worry about gremlins or bigger issues.

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Your on the right track, starter motor brushes do fail.
Item #2 and #3 Here.
Trouble shooting here.

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