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I've currently got Traxxion AK20 cartirdges with their fork extenders installed on the front and a Ohlins TTX in the rear.
The extenders are about half-way between the top of the top triple clamp (half showing, half inside) and I beleive the cartridges themselves add some length to the forks as well.
Shock is set at 322mm eye-eye.

Issue I'm having is that the front feels "high" in comparison to the back and I feel like the bike is squating on the rear too much especially in turns. Lack of feel in the front end on faster turns.
Gearing is -1/+2 and the axle is half-way through the adjustment range btw).
Running a 190/55 GPA on the rear as well.

I feel like I have better front end feel on my stock K9 1000 and that it has more front-end bias.

Does the shock length seem correct? Should I lower front or raise rear?

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What is your measurement from centerline of front axle to the top of the lower triple?
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