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K5 Mad Bar buzz and tclamps flexing

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Just got back from a 2 hour ride and my hands are freaked out to high heaven. Second time this has happened. Secondly, my upper clamps are making some noise when they get loaded up under braking, maybe they need to be torquerd or at least checked.. Anyone else with similar experiences???
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If you are talking about a poping sound/feeling, I have experienced the same thing. I was kinda wondering about it myself, but my k3 did it also
Yep a metallic popping kind of sound.
probably the brake pads moving around.. it was common.. try rolling forward by foot and then grab some brakes.. youll be able to tell where its coming from. bar buzz is common switch grips and it helps to loosen your grip up a bit,,
When mine does it ,It feels like its from the upper clamp.
My new 05 has nearly no vibrations. When cruising at say 120 klm ,with a neutral throttle there is nil vib ,only the tyre on the road feel.
Maybe get the front wheel in the air and loosen and re tighten the triple clamp bolts, one lot at a time. They could have some tension in there when they were assemled.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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