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I've had the bike 11 days now. It's got 900 miles on it, and I dropped it off at the shop today 'cause it has a seriously blown fork seal. I got back from the mountains up in north GA/NC/TN on Sunday and there was fork oil puked all over the trailer under the left side fork tube. Fudge me, children.

There does not appear to be any question that the shop will warranty fixing the fork seal itself, but I think they should put new brake pads on both sides and replace the rotor on the side that got oil all over it. The brakes were working great while I was in the mountains, and working for sh1t when I got home and rolled it off the trailer.

Does anybody know what Suzuki's normal warranty policy is for this kind of repair?

ps. And no, I was not wheelieing it. I can't ride wheelies worth a crap. I had a couple of very small ones by accident and that's it.

pps. I don't think it was 'cause it was cinched down too tight on the trailer, either. My buddy's K5 (2 days older than mine) was cinched down right next to mine and you could clearly see his was cinched down at least an inch more than mine and his didn't blow a seal.
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