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i feel its fair to post this since at fontana they were offering free dyno runs for the gsxr's only... so we had the same dyno, operator, conditions..

the stock k5's were pulling 152-155.. the guy that pulled the 152 was not happy with it.. i guess he felt suzuki bs'd him..

a friend also had his k5 dyno'd but i wasnt there and havent heard from him yet to see what he pulled... he had a racefit can on his from england so we shall see when i talk to him.

and i know we cant compare anyone else since it was different situation.. so if anyone dyno'd sat or sun at fontana that had aftermarket exhaust or whatever and got a different reading post it. would like to see the dyno sheet also to see where the power was being made.. i also know that hp numbers dont mean a lot if u cant ride it to.. its pretty much who has the bigger d*ck.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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