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Hi all,

I'm a newbie to the forum, or infact any forum.

I don't actually own a bike personally but I race autograss in a class 7 super saloon that's a spacefamed car powered by two GSXR k4 1000 engines. We had a relatively successful first year of development, but would like to do better next year.

Most common powertrain is twin hyabusa or RPE V8 , Hartley V8 or twin bike engines.

I opted for k4 as there a good strong engine and alot lighter than the busa.

My post is to ask about engine tuning,

I've read various American threads of using cams from this and pistons from that.... But I'm looking for the best off the shelf parts to achieve strong all round power and good torque . Although, if it's an easy swap with other bits from k5-6-7-8 I might consider it. Ultimately, I'd like to go bigger CC but that sounds expensive! Ha ha ha

Many thanks Ben
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