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That's strange you mention it running at 160 ish. I had a brand new '19 ZX-6R that did the same thing. On the freeway, it sat right at high 150s. I thought that was the weirdest thing, but I guess it was supposed to be that way. I figured the thermostat was designed to probably operate at maybe 170-180, but maybe just the dash reading was not calibrated or something.... Or maybe it was accurate and it's some designed operation mode. Interesting also you say that it only ever gets to maybe 210. My ZX6 would shoot up to 220 with any long stop lights within a minute or so, and fans would absolutely kick on and I would know because I felt it on my arms and legs. Then once you set off, it would drop right back to 160-180.

+1 let it idle until they come on. If they really aren't on by 220F then you probably need to get the multimeter out and start probing wires for voltage, and testing then fan with a random 12v battery.

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