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I'm getting my 02 GSX-R600 ready for the track season and wanted to get some baseline setup tips. From the digging I've done, it sounds like it was common to shim the rear by 5-10mm. I also heard the later models like the forks extended, but it's not clear whats the hot setup for the old bikes. I'm a track newbie, so I'm still learning and getting a feel for what the bike should feel like.

Last season all the suspension was bone stock and pretty neglected, but with the help of the local suspension guy we got the preload and damping settings pretty dialed and I felt good. That said, I felt like it took a lot of effort in transitions so I think it was just a very stable geometry setup. Also I kept having to crank up the front preload because I was close to bottoming the forks in hard braking zones.

Since then, I've swapped on a fresh set of forks & triples from an 04-05 600 (which should have stock 0.85 springs I believe and 2mm less offset), replaced the steering head bearings, and rebuilt the shockingly non-linear steering damper. I can dial things in at the track, but my question is what should I start at with the front and rear ride heights? Thanks!

Full bike details:
O2 GSX-R600
Stock 04 Forks
stock 02 shock
Brembo 19x18 Master
Galfer stainless lines
EBC 320mm rotors
07 Calipers (might swap for R6 calipers)
120/70 & 180/55 Dunlop Q3+ (looking into moving to a 180/60 Supercorsa SC)


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For running 180 rear your fine with 5-10mm spacer on the rear of an oem shock. If you get faster and step up to a 190 or 200 or a taller front slick then you will need to make changes.

Goodluck superman bikes make for great track bikes, very durable and tough.
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