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Hi all,

Posting on behalf of a good friend who hasn't discovered the wonders of the internet yet...

K1, done 48,000 miles.

start motor clutch is starting to play up...

Few questions if I may?

Anyone know how hard it is to change?

Is there any way to get any more life out of it (Life) as my friend is on a budget, happened after sitting idle for the winter (started to slip/not work).

Any help appreciated.

Many thanks.

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I think the design is just a sprag clutch. There's no way that it should fail from sitting unless it somehow started rusting - highly unlikely. The pics in the K1/K2 manual aren't very good. Also download the K5/K6 manual. Very similar part and much better pics.

Inspect for scoring on the contacting surface. But as long as there was oil in the bike and he wasn't trying to crank a seized engine, it seems unlikely to fail. Perhaps some crap got into it that's messing up the workings. Try removing and cleaning it.

There isn't that much to removing it. Suzuki shows a special tool but I think that you can make do without it. You'll also need a torque wrench and a couple gaskets.

P.S. One recommendation I see is that sprag clutches not be used with lubricants containing extreme pressure additives. Your friend has possibly been using car oil instead of motorcycle oil to save money, in which case he's also going to shortly need a new engine clutch. False economy.
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